The Amazing And Caring Team At Delicate Dental

Estela – Treatment Coodinator

My name is Estela and I’m a treatment coordinator for Delicate Oral Surgery. My role as your treatment coordinator is to provide you with the answers that you may have concerning your dental or oral surgery needs, also help you with any financial questions you may have. If there’s one thing I enjoy, it is putting smiles on people’s faces and helping them change their lives by educating them on their oral health needs. I have been in this field of Dental and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery since 1993 and I don’t take any regret on my decision in choosing this as my profession of choice.

Shaniece – Office Manager

My name is Shaniece and I am the office manager here at Delicate Dental. My expertise is to educate all patients with dentistry knowledge. I dedicate myself as a manager to improving the quality of the dental office, my own performance, as well as my colleagues’ performance all in anticipation of satisfying our patients in every visit. What I value most as a manager in the dental field is providing patient comfort, contentment, and well-being as they enter and leave our dental office with a prominent, radiant new smile to enjoy. I treat my patients just the way I would treat my own family members. I have worked in the dental field for over thirteen years. My unlimited experience makes me superior for handling dental patients precisely to their utmost needs and wishes.

Taherah – Receptionist/Dental Assistant

Taherah is a dental receptionist/assistant that has found great satisfaction and passion in delivering bright smiles and enlightenment in excellent oral hygiene in her patients. As young as she is, she has already mastered her position with exemplary skill. Taherah adores her patients and she revels in seeing them satisfied after every visit with their service and new smiles. Taherah is passionate about her profession and strives to be superior in her field simply to fulfill her dedication to her patients.